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Psychic Elle​

Elle Molineux Psychic, Reiki Master, Student of Shamanism, Retired Police Officer​

MorningSunMystic * Love4Libra * TarotLioness

Elle is a gifted clairsentient psychic. Elle has sensed, since early childhood, that she 'just knew things' that no one had told her. Elle easily read the energy surrounding other people and responded accordingly, leading friends and family to often remark that there was something 'truly different' about her. Elle spent 28 years as a police officer where her psychic skills, not only kept her safe, but found her always seemingly in the 'right place at the right time' to intervene in criminal activity. Elle also has a highly developed sense of empathy and compassion, which she used during the course of her policing duties to help people experiencing heightened states of crisis.

Elle is using her retirement to devote herself full time to further developing her psychic gifts in order to help and guide people with psychic tarot readings.

Always Remember.....

It is a fact that you are not at the hands of fate. Yes..there can be probabilities of outcomes, but together, we can work to change the course of events if they are not turning out as you had hoped.

I have been coaching people through crisis for years

as a 'street cop' but never had the time I needed to really make a difference. Now, I use my readings as a way to connect with people in crisis, so that I can truly make a difference.

I will help you form a plan of action, give you emotional relief tools, and coach you through making significant life changes.

Warmly, Elle.



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LIVE CHAT Readings

For a Skype or Facebook video chat reading, pay via PayPal. Then fill out the contact form, including your Facebook name or Skype ID (it's best to also send a contact request through Skype to Elle Morning Sun Mystic). I will send you a list of available reading times; usually within 24 - 48hrs.

E-File Readings

If you would like an e-file reading, contact me via the contact form, put your burning questions, name and date of birth in the contact form. Select the length of reading you want. Pay via PayPal. I will send you a video e-file of your reading, usually within 24 - 48 hrs.

Extended Readings


Extended Readings


Extended Readings


Extended Readings